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bullet Frequency range 5KHz to 1 GHz
bullet Temperature compensated oscillator (TCXO)
bullet Scan averaging up to 256x
bullet Type-N RF connector
bullet Heavy duty case
bullet Expansion port for accessories

The standard AIMuhf package includes:

Some of the RF parameters that are calculated include the following:

  • SWR referenced to any impedance
  • Resistance and reactance at the cable input
  • Resistance and reactance at the antenna terminals
  • Resistance and reactance of discrete components
  • Return loss
  • Reflection coefficient
  • Cable length
  • Cable impedance
  • Cable loss
  • Distance to fault (open or short)
  • Smith chart display
  • Quartz crystal parameters

Beispiel-Screenshot der Software:

70 cm Dipole Antenna

This is a screen shot of a 70 cm dipole antenna as shown on an AIM UHF.


Der brandneue "VNA UHF" ist eingetroffen !!  Klick Sie hier:  VNA UHF!       

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