Fully programmable 48V Eaton rectifier (43-57,5V) with wide range input (175-275VAC).                      

                     This rectifier can be ordered pre-programmed according your needs at no extra charge.                           

                     For typical applications we are often asked to deliver it pre-programmed to 50V.                                    

                     The rectifier provides 1800W of clean DC-power. At 50V it delivers 38 amperes!                                   

                     The dimensions are 133 x 42 x 266 mm, weight is just 1,7 Kg, efficiency is >92%.                                      

                     They can easily be paralleled for higher power requirements. We have tested it in                                    

                       high power solid state RF amplifiers for years and experienced unbelievable ruggness &                             


                     There are also 28V versions available. (20-32V @ 1440W, typical 28V @ 51,5A)                                     


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