About "RF Power Solutions":                                                                                               Jan. 2013

          Our company was founded April 1st 2009. We look back to a sales experience of 27 years, 12 years in            

         UPS-business and more than 8 years in global sales & support as well as 4 years in large scale solar business.  

We are a very proud partner of the following companies:                                                                    


ARRAY SOLUTIONS   - WX0B, Excellence from Sunnyvale, Texas, US  - since December 2009                              

RIG EXPERT   - The only "real" Expert in Handheld Antenna Analyzers  - since December 2011                               

           VIBROPLEX   - An original handcrafted unmatched "Piece of History" from Tennessee, US - since June 2012                       

 PROCOM - Professional VHF, UHF and SHF Antennas and Filters - The Leader from Denmark -  since January 2013   


     RF Power Solution's Mission Statement:                                                                              

                   "We provide the best pre-sales, after-sales, support and service for the best cost to performance ratio   

                    in the market. Our goal: ALways seen as best in customer satisfaction and reliability" Trust in us!         


Our RF Products:                                                                                                                                     


               Array's News    Array Solutions  The new Power Master II: The one you really need! Also new: VNA uhf !

                  Vec.Analyzer    Array Solutions  The "hottest" Vector- & Networkanalyzers (AIM and VNA 2180)

              Ant.Analyz.       Rig Expert    Legendary truly handheld & portable Antenna Analyzers - now up to 1 GHz !               

                 Vibroplex        Vibroplex     Handcrafted morse keys. A real piece of tradition - since 108 years ! 

              PROCOM       PROCOM      Professional Antennas for VHF, UHF and SHF - and Repeater Duplexers !

                 DC Supplies    EATON Electrical  Rugged, EMI-proof 50V & 28V Power Supplies f. "High Power - RF Applications" 


  We announce news every frequently ! 

           Also our list of products will be extended over time - please come back and visit us again.         




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